Top 5 Reasons to Migrate Accounting to the Cloud

It has taken several years for me to convince myself to go to from desktop to the cloud. It has been a process of slowly making the change. The driving force is that is what many of my new clients are looking for; also advances in technology allow me to do a lot more seamlessly.

1. Feel like I am being left in the dust. Large companies like Intuit are making a very big push to move clients to the cloud. These large companies have had to invest in technology; encourage clients, proadvisors and resellers that that is the direction the company is going. Oh they will still support the desktop version but the direction of business technology is definitely changing.

2. You never have to upgrade again! For some on desktop this is not a plus. They are happy to keep the same version for many years and only upgrade when forced to.

But what I am finding, you no longer have to wait for releases or upgrades to get the latest and greatest technology. According to Intuit, changes are being made typically every 4-6 weeks. What I like is when they can make improvements and make the programs more user friendly.

3. Integration: I have clients using QuickBooks POS powered by Revel for their retail needs; all sales, cost of goods, etc. are automatically sent to QuickBooks Online; they also are integrated with their online store. As their accountant the online version works with Intuit Tax Online!

4. Every day new applications are being created to work with the cloud; while applications for the desktop are flourishing, these same programs working with the desktop now have sister applications for the cloud. All of Intuit’s cloud programs have mobile versions as well. One thing to remember is that the mobile versions are never quite like the full version.

5. You can work anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. For the accountants, for many years, I had to use remote desktop software to access my clients information; now, a client can invite me as external accountant and I can do client review, reclasses, reconciliations, etc. (with the accountant’s version)remotely. And all my clients are all in one place; one signon allows me to access those clients that have given me permission to review their books.

The cloud has opened another niche of business for my bookkeeping/consulting/tax preparation business. It is nice not to have to drive everywhere. Every day, more and more applications will enable us to get off the roads!