Migrating From the Work Force to the Business Life

Starting an online business is an adventurous and risky process. It is also quite difficult because of financial constraints and managing risks. For example, I currently am a full time student and work 30 hours a week at my job. Without these things my future looks quite bleak; unless my online business takes off.

But how will my online business ever take off if I am at school all the time or studying? It seems like there is no way for me to be able to do all three things effectively, or at least to the full scale effects that I’d like to. I can’t cut back on my amount of school work. I am an all A’s type of student and that takes hard work and time. I cannot work less hours at my other job because I need the money to support myself and my family. The only logical thing I can do is spend my free time on my website and start it small.

That is what I have begun to do and so far it is working as planned. Right now I am in the Spring quarter of my school year. I must make sure that I start my business slowly and carefully, precisesly following my business model; except much more scaled down.

My business plan consists of doing online marketing. In the full swing I will market close to 10 products a week, However, during the school year I must only do 2. Doing two products per week will not a greatly profitable venture as I expect each product’s review to yield me a continual 20 dollars per month. Over time that will add up, but to begin it is not nearly enough.

I will analyze my results from my Spring period and if my results show that by writing more reviews I will be able to turn more profits, I will expand my business and run it at fifty percent over the summer. I will then do 5 product reviews per week which should bring my profits to a respectable level. If this level proves to be enough to support myself and family and replace the income of my other job, I will quit that and free up even more time for my online business.

At this point I will be able to focus all of my attention to my online business. I think it will be a great way for me to find out what kind of profits I can expect to earn if I put a full day’s work into the job. Working eight to ten hours each day of the Summer I will find out just how profitable my website with product reviews can be. If I find I am turning a great profit and making tremendous revenue, then I will look at sticking with the business full time.

I will not go back to school after the Summer if my business venture is successful and focus all my efforts to getting the business done. I have to start small, but work hard. If I start small and find that I am making good money, I will expand until I am doing what I love full time.