Are You Still Struggling to Make Money Online? Still in the Rat Race?

The concept of Making Money online has taken the internet by storm, with many money making programs being offered to many people and the opportunity seeker’s head space has not been spared at the moment.

Many programs being offered are now competing for the buyers head space that one is left wondering what to lays his hands on.

The recent and the still felt economic recession and depression resulted in many jobs lays off. The majority of the affected individuals definitely looked for an alternative means to supplement the severe reduction in their household income and scores of people who have heard about the concept of making money online over the internet, to them, this was a sure financial guarantee, and in any case try their hands out on it, and at any rate make ends meet. Or rather whether it’s really factual as its is always said that a substantial amount of money can be made online through Network Marketing, Mlm, and all the Internet money making opportunities and games out there.

The humble time taken through this article is possibly to put things as many may have experienced them.
The severe frustration folks have to bare up with after spending their hard earned money on countless internet programs that the only thing they are left up with, is jumping from one opportunity to another together with a masked credit card, for sure this lot has nothing to show for in their pursuit for making money online.

The big questions that rings on my mind continuously, Why the hype? The unrealistic promises? The GRQ (Get Rich Quick) Schemes? I got myself into the world of online business some years back and the bitter pill that I was forced and remained to swallow was the outright failure that ensued the zeal and the dreams that are always associated with making it online. At this juncture, I wish to bring a friendly reminder that the internet is full of crap and junk and – a direct byproduct of any open forum platform. To sandwich this fact is the reality that we live in an era marred by corporate greed and deception and getting the right company that will offer the guidance together with Integrity, Education, Success and the Trust that is becoming the missing link in the many money making machines and programs out there is hard to come by

Other programs and opportunities delivered all they could in their promise and pursuit to making money online i.e. tiny commissions’ checks received, without leverage of time. In achieving this, you have to get used to cold calling all day, prospecting to friends and family and at the end of the tunnel tiny commission checks or no money at all for the effort.

In a nutshell, it is a plain and simple fact that money can be possibly made online as longs as one is involved with the right company, which should definitely provide all the necessary resources and tools that will steer both a newbie and a zealous Internet veteran to heights of success one never thought achievable.

After so much frustration, increasing debt and jumping from one horse to another,outright failure was not an option, and thanks for one time decision and action taken as Napoleon Hill puts it that “Action is the real Measure of Intelligence” The end result? A community of successful Entrepreneurs, where each one is driven by the passion of knowing that success is earned, and leaders are not born but made. Both the newbie and the experienced love the education, the training and not to mention the ideas and one on one coaching by the very successful business coaches.

To crown it all is a very clear and persistence mission that drives the entire Community “100 Millionaires by 2012. Period.
To good to be true? Yes, each passing day and moment, we see how near we are towards achieving the mission and nothing stops the ardent and determined community, just like the migrating Wild beasts of the Kenyan mountains and plains, not even the hungry alligators in the Mara river would stop them from their one clear Mission, Green pastures in the Serengeti Plains!

Are you ready to belt yourself and enjoy the ride of your life?

Collins Omondi,
Network Marketing Coach and Consultant –
Pro Solutions and CarbonCopyPro Marketing